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-Alpha-gamma equalization-enhanced hand radiographic image segmentation schemeLin, H.H.; 喻石生 ; Shu, S.G.; Kuo, S.W.; Wang, C.H.; Chan, Y.P.; Yu, S.S.-
-Assessment of terrestrial factors controlling the submarine groundwater discharge in water shortage and highly deformed island of Taiwan, western Pacific OceanPeng, T.R.; 彭宗仁; Chen, C.T.A.; Wang, C.H.; Zhanc, J.; Lin, Y.J.-
-Autocrine and paracrine regulation of interleukin-8 expression in lung cancer cellsYao, P.L.; 陳健尉; Lin, Y.C.; Wang, C.H.; Huang, Y.C.; Liao, W.Y.; Wang, S.S.; Chen, J.J.W.; Yang, P.C.-
-Catalytic characteristics of peroxidase from wheat grassLai, L.S.; 賴麗旭; Wang, D.J.; Chang, C.T.; Wang, C.H.-
-Chaos Synchronization Using Adaptive Dynamic Neural Network Controller with Variable Learning RatesKao, C.H.; Hsu, C.F.; Wang, C.H.; Don, H.S.-
-Characterization of mitochondrial genome of Formosan sambar (Rusa unicolor swinhoei)Chen, C.H.; Huang, H.L.; Chang, M.T.; Chiang, L.C.; Cheng, S.L.; Liu, B.T.; Wang, C.H.; Wu, M.C.; Huang, M.C.-
-Constructing a relationship-based brand equity modelWang, C.H.; Hsu, L.C.; Fang, S.R.-
-Designing supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of rice bran oil that contain oryzanols using response surface methodologyWang, C.H.; 張傑明; Chen, C.R.; Wu, J.J.; Wang, L.Y.; Chang, C.M.J.; Ho, W.J.-
-The determinants of internationalization: Evidence from the Taiwan high technology industryWang, C.H.; Hsu, L.C.; Fang, S.R.-
-Differential thermal sensitivity between the recipient ooplasm and the donor nucleus in Holstein and Taiwan native yellow cattleShen, P.C.; 朱志成; Lee, J.W.; Cheng, W.T.K.; Su, H.Y.; Lee, S.N.; Liu, B.T.; Wang, C.H.; Chen, L.R.; Ju, J.C.-
-Distribution and seasonal occurrence of Forcipomyia taiwana (Diptera : Ceratopogonidae) in the Nantou area in TaiwanChuang, Y.Y.; Lin, C.S.; Wang, C.H.; Yeh, C.C.-
-Early onset pneumonia in patients with cholinesterase inhibitor poisoningWang, C.Y.; Wu, C.L.; Tsan, Y.T.; Hsu, J.Y.; Hung, D.Z.; Wang, C.H.-
-The effect of glutamine supplement on small intestinal morphology and xylose absorptive ability of weaned pigletsHsu, C.B.; 余 碧; Huang, H.J.; Wang, C.H.; Yen, H.T.; Yu, B.-
-Effects of Supplemental Glutamine on Growth Performance, Plasma Parameters and LPS-induced Immune Response of Weaned Barrows after CastrationHsu, C.B.; Lee, J.W.; Huang, H.J.; Wang, C.H.; Lee, T.T.; Yen, H.T.; Yu, B.-
-Enhanced growth of the Ni3Sn4 phase at the Sn/Ni interface subjected to strainsLiao, W.K.; Chen, C.M.; Lin, M.T.; Wang, C.H.-
-Enucleation after fusion and activation enhances the development of reconstructed bovine embryosCheng, W.T.K.; Liu, B.T.; Su, H.Y.; Lee, J.W.; Wang, C.H.; Lee, S.N.; Chu, F.H.; Yang, D.W.; Chen, L.R.; Shen, P.C.-
-Evolution of infectious bronchitis virus in Taiwan: Characterisation of RNA recombination in the nucleocapsid gene蘇鴻麟; Kuo, S.M.; Wang, C.H.; Hou, M.H.; Huang, Y.P.; Kao, H.W.; Su, H.L.-
-Extraction of antioxidative compounds from wine lees using supercritical fluids and associated anti-tyrosinase activityWu, J.J.; 張傑明; Lin, J.C.; Wang, C.H.; Jong, T.T.; Yang, H.L.; Hsu, S.L.; Chang, C.M.J.; 鍾婷婷-
-A five-gene signature and clinical outcome in non-small-cell lung cancerChen, H.Y.; 陳健尉; Yu, S.L.; Chen, C.H.; Chang, G.C.; Chen, C.Y.; Yuan, A.; Cheng, C.L.; Wang, C.H.; Terng, H.J.; Kao, S.F.; Chan, W.K.; Li, H.N.; Liu, C.C.; Singh, S.; Chen, W.J.; Chen, J.J.W.; Yang, P.C.; 劉俊吉-
-Gender determination in single bovine blastomeres by polymerase chain reaction amplification of sex-specific polymorphic fragments in the amelogenin gene陳全木; Chen, C.M.; Hu, C.L.; Wang, C.H.; Hung, C.M.; Wu, H.K.; Choo, K.B.; Cheng, W.T.K.-