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-Adaptive Inverse Hyperbolic Tangent Algorithm for Dynamic Contrast Adjustment in Displaying ScenesYu, C.Y.; 歐陽彥杰; Ouyang, Y.C.; Wang, C.M.; Chang, C.I.-
-An adaptive steganographic algorithm for 3D polygonal meshesCheng, Y.M.; 王宗銘 ; Wang, C.M.-
-Applications of Kalman Filtering to Single Hyperspectral Signature AnalysisWang, S.; Wang, C.M.; Chang, M.L.; Tsai, C.T.; Chang, C.I.-
-A certificate-based watermarking scheme for coloured imagesWu, N.I.; 蔡垂雄; Wang, C.M.; Tsai, C.S.; Hwang, M.S.; 王宗銘 -
-Characterization of a novel thermophilic, cellulose-degrading bacterium Paenibacillus sp strain B39Wang, C.M.; 邱繡河; Shyu, C.L.; Ho, S.P.; Chiou, S.H.; 何素鵬-
-Coloured visual cryptography using fixed size meaningful shareWu, H.C.; 蔡垂雄; Wang, H.C.; Wang, C.M.; Tsai, C.S.-
-Computer-aided diagnostic detection system of venous beading in retinal imagesYang, C.W.; Ma, D.J.; Chao, S.C.; Wang, C.M.; Wen, C.H.; Lo, C.S.; Chung, P.C.; Chang, C.I.-
-A data hiding algorithm for point-sampled geometryCheng, Y.M.; 王宗銘 ; Wang, C.M.; Tsai, Y.Y.-
-Data hiding approach for point-sampled geometryWang, C.M.; 王宗銘 ; Wang, P.C.-
-Data hiding on point-sampled geometryWang, C.M.; 王宗銘 ; Wang, P.C.-
-An effective algorithm for image sequence color transferWang, C.M.; 王宗銘 ; Huang, Y.H.; Huang, M.L.-
-An Effective Message Embedding Scheme for 3D ModelsLi, M.T.; 王宗銘 ; Huang, N.C.; Wu, K.C.; Jan, C.K.; Wang, C.M.-
-Effective Wet-in-Wet Flow Synthesis for Ink DiffusionWang, R.J.; 王宗銘 ; Wang, C.M.-
-An efficient information hiding algorithm for polygon modelsWang, C.M.; 王宗銘 ; Cheng, Y.M.-
-An efficient key-management scheme for hierarchical access control based on elliptic curve cryptosystemJeng, F.G.; 王宗銘 ; Wang, C.M.-
-An efficient solid angle sampling technique using bounding volume approachWang, C.M.; 王宗銘 ; Tsai, Y.Y.; Chang, C.H.-
-Ellipse sampling for Monte Carlo applicationsWang, C.M.; 王宗銘 ; Hwang, N.C.; Tsai, Y.Y.; Chang, C.H.-
-Evaluation and application of conducting polymer entrapment on quartz crystal microbalance in flow injection immunoassayLiu, Y.C.; 劉永銓; Wang, C.M.; Hsiung, K.P.; Huang, C.J.; 黃千衿-
-Exploring pixel-value differencing and base decomposition for low distortion data embeddingWu, N.I.; Wu, K.C.; Wang, C.M.-