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-Automatic extraction of face contours in images and videosHsu, C.Y.; Wang, H.F.; Wang, H.C.; Tseng, K.K.-
-Comparison of bioactive components in GABA tea and green tea produced in TaiwanWang, H.F.; Tsai, Y.S.; Lin, M.L.; Ou, A.S.M.-
-Convergence analysis of adaptive DS-CDMA receivers in multi-path channelsUeng, F.B.; 翁芳標; Wang, H.F.; Chang, J.C.-
-A dual electrochemical sensor for nitrite and nitric oxideZen, J.M.; 曾志明; Kumar, A.S.; Wang, H.F.-
-Joint detection for OFDM-CDMA communications in multipath fading channelsWang, H.F.; 翁芳標; Ueng, F.B.; Chang, J.C.-
-A refined VQ-based image compression methodChan, Y.K.; 詹永寬; Wang, H.F.; Lee, C.F.-
-A synergistic effect of GABA tea and copper(II) on DNA breakage in human peripheral lymphocytesWang, H.F.; Chuang, S.M.; Hsiao, C.C.; Cherng, S.H.-
-Zinc Ion Enhances GABA Tea-Mediated Oxidative DNA DamageChuang, S.M.; Wang, H.F.; Hsiao, C.C.; Cherng, S.H.-