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-Antioxidants from the Leaves of Cinnamomum kotoenseCheng, K.C.; Hsueh, M.C.; Chang, H.C.; Lee, A.Y.L.; Wang, H.M.; Chen, C.Y.-
-Bioconstituents from stems of Synsepalum dulcificum Daniell (Sapotaceae) inhibit human melanoma proliferation, reduce mushroom tyrosinase activity and have antioxidant propertiesWang, H.M.; Chou, Y.T.; Hong, Z.L.; Chen, H.A.; Chang, Y.C.; Yang, W.L.; Chang, H.C.; Mai, C.T.; Chen, C.Y.-
-Down-Regulation of Tumor-Associated NADH Oxidase, tNOX (ENOX2), Enhances Capsaicin-Induced Inhibition of Gastric Cancer Cell GrowthWang, H.M.; Chuang, S.M.; Su, Y.C.; Li, Y.H.; Chueh, P.J.-
-Effect of Ccapsaicin on tNOX (ENOX2) protein expression in stomach cancer cellsWang, H.M.; 闕斌如; Chueh, P.J.; Chang, S.P.; Yang, C.L.; Shao, K.N.-
-Flavokawain B, a novel chalcone from Alpinia pricei Hayata with potent apoptotic activity: Involvement of ROS and GADD153 upstream of mitochondria-dependent apoptosis in HCT116 cellsKuo, Y.F.; 王升陽; Su, Y.Z.; Tseng, Y.H.; Wang, S.Y.; Wang, H.M.; Chueh, P.J.; 闕斌如-
-Honokiol inhibits hypoxia-inducible factor-1 pathwayLan, K.L.; 許美鈴; Lan, K.H.; Sheu, M.L.; Chen, M.Y.; Shih, Y.S.; Hsu, F.C.; Wang, H.M.; Liu, R.S.; Yen, S.H.-
-The impact of spermine competition on the efficacy of DNA-binding Fe(II), Co(II), and Cu(II) complexes of dimeric chromomycin A(3)Lu, W.J.; 侯明宏; Wang, H.M.; Yuann, J.M.P.; Huang, C.Y.; Hou, M.H.-
-(-)-N-Formylanonaine from Michelia alba as a human tyrosinase inhibitor and antioxidantWang, H.M.; 張厚謙; Chen, C.Y.; Ho, M.L.; Chou, Y.T.; Chang, H.C.; Lee, C.H.; Wang, C.Z.; Chu, I.M.-
-Quantification of porcine skin permeability in transdermal diffusion with a numerical modelChang, H.C.; 張厚謙; Wu, S.S.; Wang, Y.F.; Wang, H.M.-
-Stress-induced down-regulation of tumor-associated NADH oxidase during apoptosis in transformed cellsMao, L.C.; 闕斌如; Wang, H.M.; Lin, Y.Y.; Chang, T.K.; Hsin, Y.H.; Chueh, P.J.-
-Subunit 6 of the COP9 signalosome promotes tumorigenesis in mice through stabilization of MDM2 and is upregulated in human cancersZhao, R.Y.; 賴建成; Yeung, S.C.J.; Chen, J.A.; Iwakuma, T.; Su, C.H.; Chen, B.; Qu, C.J.; Zhang, F.M.; Chen, Y.T.; Lin, Y.L.; Lee, D.F.; Jin, F.; Zhu, R.; Shaikenov, T.; Sarbassov, D.; Sahin, A.; Wang, H.M.; Wang, H.; Lai, C.C.; Tsai, F.J.; Lozano, G.; Lee, M.H.-