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-AN ADAPTABLE THRESHOLD DECISION METHODTsai, M.H.; 蔡孟勳; Wang, M.H.; Chang, T.Y.; Pai, P.Y.; Chan, Y.K.; Chen, J.M.; 詹永寬-
-Agrobacterium-produced and exogenous cytokinin-modulated Agrobacterium-mediated plant transformationHwang, H.H.; 黃皓瑄; Wang, M.H.; Lee, Y.L.; Tsai, Y.L.; Li, Y.H.; Yang, F.J.; Liao, Y.C.; Lin, S.K.; Lai, E.M.-
-Characterization of Quinolone-Resistant Enterococcus faecalis Isolates from Healthy Chickens and Pigs in TaiwanKuo, H.C.; 周濟眾; Chou, C.C.; Chang, C.D.; Gong, S.R.; Wang, M.H.; Chang, S.K.-
-Dichlorido{(E)-2,4,6-trimethyl-N- phenyl(2-pyridyl)methylidene aniline-k appa N-2,N '}palladium(II)Yang, C.H.; Peng, Y.L.; Wang, M.H.; Shih, K.C.; Hsueh, M.L.-
-Expression of Capsid Protein of a Newly Identified Rat Parvovirus and Application in Serodiagnosis and Surveillance of Its InfectionChang, Y.H.; Chang, C.C.; Wang, M.H.; Wan, C.H.-