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-Effect of exposure to long photoperiod during the rearing period on the age at first egg and the subsequent reproductive performance in geeseWang, S.D.; Jan, D.F.; Yeh, L.T.; Wu, G.C.; Chen, L.R.-
-Synthesis of carbon nanotubes by arc discharge in sodium chloride solutionWang, S.D.; Chang, M.H.; Lan, K.M.D.; Wu, C.C.; Cheng, J.J.; Chang, H.K.-
-Two Chinese Herbal Regimens Safe for the Elderly on Inhibiting Liver and Bladder Tumor Cell Growth and Regulating Gene ExpressionChen, R.S.; Lu, M.C.; Wang, S.D.; Ke, H.S.; Teng, R.H.; Kao, Y.L.; Kuo, C.C.; Kao, S.T.; Lin, Y.W.; Shieh, B.; Li, C.; Liao, H.F.-
-Unusual morphologies of carbon nanoparticles obtained by arc discharge in delonized waterWang, S.D.; Chang, M.H.; Cheng, J.J.; Chang, H.K.; Lan, K.M.D.-