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-Adsorptive potentiometric stripping analysis of dopamine on clay-modified electrodeZen, J.M.; 曾志明; Wang, W.M.; Ilangovan, G.-
-Clay mineralogy and major element chemistry of the early Quaternary and late Miocene paleosols on Penghu Islands (Pescadores), TaiwanWang, M.K.; 張家銘; Wang, W.M.; Chiang, P.N.; Chen, Y.M.; Chang, C.M.-
-Effect of amylopectin structure on the gelatinization and pasting properties of selected yam (Dioscorea spp.) starchesWang, W.M.; Lai, V.M.F.; Chang, K.F.; Lu, S.; Ho, H.H.-
-Potentiometric stripping analysis of traces of thallium(III) at a poly(4-vinylpyridine)/mercury film electrodeZen, J.M.; 曾志明; Wang, W.M.; Kumar, A.S.-