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-Al-Hg promoted chemoselective dehalogenation of halohydrin aldol adductsWang, Y.C.; Yan, T.H.-
-Analysis of Ciprofloxacin-Resistant Salmonella Strains from Swine, Chicken, and Their Carcasses in Taiwan and Detection of parC Resistance Mutations by a Mismatch Amplification Mutation Assay PCRLin, C.C.; 張照勤; Chen, T.H.; Wang, Y.C.; Chang, C.C.; Hsuan, S.L.; Chang, Y.C.; Yeh, K.S.; 宣詩玲; 陳德勛-
-Anti-Helicobacter pylori activity of Plumbago zeylanica LWang, Y.C.; Huang, T.L.-
-Antibacterial activity of Melastoma candidum D. DonWang, Y.C.; 王苑春; Hsu, H.W.; Liao, W.L.-
-Antibiotic resistance, integrons and Salmonella genomic island 1 among Salmonella Schwarzengrund in broiler chicken and pigWang, Y.C.; 張照勤; Chang, Y.C.; Chuang, H.L.; Chiu, C.C.; Yeh, K.S.; Chang, C.C.; Hsuan, S.L.; Chen, T.H.; 宣詩玲-
-Asymmetric bromination-aldolization of chiral acetate titanium enolate derived from thioimide. A general approach to the synthesis of enantiopure alpha-bromo-beta-hydroxy carboxylic acidsWang, Y.C.; Su, D.W.; Lin, C.M.; Tseng, H.L.; Li, C.L.; Yan, T.H.-
-Cell entry of avian reovirus follows a caveolin-1-mediated and dynamin-2-dependent endocytic pathway that requires activation of p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) and Src signaling pathways as well as microtubules and small GTPase Rab5 protein (Huang, W.R.; Wang, Y.C.; Chi, P.I.; Wang, L.; Wang, C.Y.; Lin, C.H.; Liu, H.J.-
-Characterization of tetracycline resistance lactobacilli isolated from swine intestines at western area of TaiwanChang, Y.C.; Tsai, C.Y.; Lin, C.F.; Wang, Y.C.; Wang, I.K.; Chung, T.C.-
-Ciprofloxacin and tetracycline susceptibility of lactobacilli isolated from indigenous children's fecesChang, Y.C.; Wang, Y.C.; Wang, I.K.; Lin, C.F.; Chuang, H.L.; Wu, Y.Y.; Chung, T.C.; Chen, T.H.-
-Combination of G-CSF Administration and Human Amniotic Fluid Mesenchymal Stem Cell Transplantation Promotes Peripheral Nerve RegenerationPan, H.C.; 何素鵬; Chen, C.J.; Cheng, F.C.; Ho, S.P.; Liu, M.J.; Hwang, S.M.; Chang, M.H.; Wang, Y.C.-
-Damage formation and repair efficiency in the p53 gene of cell lines and blood lymphocytes assayed by multiplex long quantitative polymerase chain reactionWang, Y.C.; Lee, P.J.; Shih, C.M.; Chen, H.Y.; Lee, C.C.; Chang, Y.Y.; Hsu, Y.T.; Liang, Y.J.; Wang, L.Y.; Han, W.H.-
-Dietary supplement with fermented soybeans, natto, improved the neurobehavioral deficits after sciatic nerve injury in ratsPan, H.C.; 何素鵬; Cheng, F.C.; Chen, C.J.; Lai, S.Z.; Liu, M.J.; Chang, M.H.; Wang, Y.C.; Yang, D.Y.; Ho, S.P.-
-DMAP-promoted racemization-free deacylation of carboxthioimide adducts: carboxthioimide as a versatile carboxy protecting groupSu, D.W.; Wang, Y.C.; Yan, T.H.-
-Effects of Insulin and Glucose on Cellular Metabolic Fluxes in Homocysteine Transsulfuration, Remethylation, S-Adenosylmethionine Synthesis, and Global Deoxyribonucleic Acid MethylationChiang, E.P.I.; 蔣恩沛; Wang, Y.C.; Chen, W.W.; Tang, F.Y.-
-An efficient method for the synthesis of enantiopure cis-alpha,beta-epoxy acidsWang, Y.C.; Li, C.L.; Tseng, H.L.; Chuang, S.C.; Yan, T.H.-
-An empirical analysis of the CDX index and its tranchesFabozzi, F.J.; 葉仕國; Wang, Y.C.; Yeh, S.K.; Chen, R.R.-
-Enhanced regeneration in spinal cord injury by concomitant treatment with granulocyte colony-stimulating factor and neuronal stem cellsPan, H.C.; Cheng, F.C.; Lai, S.Z.; Yang, D.Y.; Wang, Y.C.; Lee, M.S.-
-Enhancing the performance of dye-sensitized solar cells using high catalytic nanocomposite PtNP/graphite counter electrodesLiu, C.Y.; Huang, K.C.; Wang, Y.C.; Lin, J.J.; Ho, K.C.-
-Evaluation of the rearrangement of taxonomic position of Peronophythora litchii based on partial DNA sequencesZhang, Z.G.; Zheng, X.B.; Wang, Y.C.; Ko, W.H.-
-Fabrication of TCO-free Pt/MWCNT conducting film as the counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cellsWang, Y.C.; Liu, C.T.; Dong, R.X.; Huang, K.C.; Wang, C.C.; Ho, K.C.; Lin, J.J.-