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-Adipose proinflammatory cytokine expression through sympathetic system is associated with hyperglycemia and insulin resistance in a rat ischemic stroke modelWang, Y.Y.; Lin, S.Y.; Chuang, Y.H.; Chen, C.J.; Tung, K.C.; Sheu, W.H.H.-
-CoTiO3 high-kappa, dielectrics on HSG for DRAM applicationsChao, T.S.; Ku, W.M.; Lin, H.C.; Landheer, D.; Wang, Y.Y.; Mori, Y.-
-The Defective Proteasome but Not Substrate Recognition Function Is Responsible for the Null Phenotypes of the Arabidopsis Proteasome Subunit RPN10Lin, Y.L.; Sung, S.C.; Tsai, H.L.; Yu, T.T.; Radjacommare, R.; Usharani, R.; Fatimababy, A.S.; Lin, H.Y.; Wang, Y.Y.; Fua, H.-
-Electroless Cu deposition process on TiN for ULSI interconnect fabrication via Pd/Sn colloid activationFong, H.P.; Wu, Y.; Wang, Y.Y.; Wan, C.C.-
-Immobilization of poly(N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone)-capped platinum nanoclusters on indium-tin oxide glass and its application in dye-sensitized solar cellsWei, T.C.; 陳志銘; Wan, C.C.; Wang, Y.Y.; Chen, C.M.; Shiu, H.S.-
-Leptin in relation to hepatocellular carcinoma in patients with liver cirrhosisWang, Y.Y.; Lin, S.Y.-
-Mutation of the Arabidopsis NRT1.5 Nitrate Transporter Causes Defective Root-to-Shoot Nitrate TransportLin, S.H.; Kuo, H.F.; Canivenc, G.; Lin, C.S.; Lepetit, M.; Hsu, P.K.; Tillard, P.; Lin, H.L.; Wang, Y.Y.; Tsai, C.B.; Gojon, A.; Tsay, Y.F.-
-Obesity and diabetic hyperglycemia were associated with serum alanine aminotransferase activity in patients with hepatitis B infectionWang, Y.Y.; 董光中; Lin, S.Y.; Sheu, W.H.H.; Liu, P.H.; Tung, K.C.-
-Protein nitration is associated with increased proteolysis in skeletal muscle of bile duct ligation-induced cirrhotic ratsWang, Y.Y.; 毛嘉洪; Lin, S.Y.; Chuang, Y.H.; Mao, C.H.; Tung, K.C.; Sheu, W.H.H.; 董光中-
-Revision of the diagnostic characters of Opisthotropis maculosa Stuart and Chuaynkern, 2007 with notes on its distribution and variation, and a key to the genus Opisthotropis (Squamata: Natricidae)Yang, J.H.; Wang, Y.Y.; Zhang, B.; Lau, M.W.N.; Chou, W.H.-