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-A Study on the Mechanical Properties of Earth Dam Constructed by using Mudstone Materials Taken From Hillslope in the Southwestern Taiwan蔡光榮; San-Lang Chang; 陳旺志; 張三郎; Wang-Jyh Chen; Kuang-Jung Tsai-
-地下水位與地盤沉陷轉換關係之時序分析蘇苗彬; Miau-Bin Su; 陳旺志; 陳奕弦; Yi-Shern Chen; Wang-Jyh Chen-
-泥岩及紅土內部沖蝕防止Wang-Jyh Chen; 陳旺志; Yun-Chu Chang; Miau-Bin Su; 張雲竹; 蘇苗彬-
-臺北市山坡地降雨量及地下水位之時間序列分析蘇苗彬; Miau-Bin Su; 陳旺志; Wang-Jyh Chen-