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-Comparison of microfilaria concentration method for Setaria digitata infection in cattle and for Dirofilaria immitis infection in dogsWatanabe, Y.; 黃鴻堅; Yang, C.H.; Tung, K.C.; Ooi, H.K.; 董光中-
-Cryptosporidium infection in livestock and first identification of Cryptosporidium parvum genotype in cattle feces in TaiwanWatanabe, Y.; 黃鴻堅; Yang, C.H.; Ooi, H.K.-
-Detection of Cryptosporidium sp oocyst and Giardia sp cyst in faucet water samples from cattle and goat farms in TaiwanWatanabe, Y.; 黃鴻堅; Kimura, K.; Yang, C.H.; Ooi, H.K.-
-Finding of Neospora caninum in the wild brown rat (Rattus norvegicus)Huang, C.C.; 黃鴻堅; Yang, C.H.; Watanabe, Y.; Liao, Y.K.; Ooi, H.K.-
-Survey of gastrointestinal parasitic infections in quarantined dogs in TaiwanHo, S.Y.; 黃鴻堅; Watanabe, Y.; Lee, Y.C.; Shih, T.H.; Tu, W.J.; Ooi, H.K.-