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-Dilute manganese-doped ZnO nanowires for high photoelectrical performanceWei-Hao Chen; Chih-Chuan Su; Hui-Huang Hsieh; Meng-Fan Chang; Mon-Shu Ho; 何孟書-
-Impacts of Hedonic and Utilitarian Values on Customer Loyalty with Mobile Music Streaming Services陳偉豪; Wei-Hao Chen
-秈稻 IR64 誘變庫香氣突變體之篩選與香氣遺傳分析Wei-Hao Chen; 陳韋豪
-阿拉伯芥中一tetraspanin基因藉由調控植物生長素之反應以控制多種植物發育過程陳威豪; Wei-Hao Chen