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-Accelerator Screening by Cyclic Voltammetry for Microvia Fillingby Copper Electroplating-
-Characterization of Through-Hole Filling by CopperElectroplating Using a Tetrazolium Salt Inhibitor-
-Copper seed layer repair using an electroplating process for through siliconvia metallization-
-Effects of organic acids on through-hole fillingby copper electroplating-
-Electroless Deposition of Barrier and Seed Layersof Through Silicon Via周嘉珮; Chou, Chia-Pei-
-Impurity Incorporation in the Cu Electrodeposit and Its Effects on the Microstructural Evolution of the Sn/Cu Solder JointsHsuan Lee; Tai-Yi Yu; Hsi-Kuei Cheng; Kuo-Chio Liu; Po-Fan Chan; Wei-Ping Dow; 陳志銘; Chih-Ming Chen
-Periodic Pulse Reverse Cu Plating for Through-Hole Filling-
-Scanning Tunneling Microscopy of Superfilling in FormulaContaining Chloride, Polyethylene Glycol andBis-3-Sodiumsulfopropyl-Disulfide-
-Silver Metallization of Polyimide Surfaces Using EnvironmentallyFriendly Reducing Agents
-Through-Hole Filling in a Cu Plating Bath with FunctionalInsoluble Anodes and Acetic Acid as a Supporting Electrolyte-
-Trap and release of bisphenol-A, 2-naphthol, and doxepin using a 1-hexadecylamine-copper(II)-amine functionalized indium-tin-oxide electrodeGuo-RongLin; JohnBiechele-Speziale; Elijah Ernst; Stuart Burris; Eric D.Conte; Wei-Ping Dow; Rong-Ho Lee; Shing-Yi Suen; 孫幸宜
-Use of 3,3-Thiobis(1-propanesulfonate) to Accelerate MicroviaFilling by Copper Electroplating-
-以氧化鋅為中間層行玻璃表面金屬化Chi-Wen Cheng; 鄭家雯
-以石墨烯當導電層與阻障層用於矽通孔之電鍍填充Shih-Cheng Chang; 張世誠
-以磁控濺鍍法製備光學薄膜應用於Low-E玻璃之研究白清文; Ching-Wen Pai
-以還原氧化石墨烯作為導電層應用於印刷電路板金屬化張翊宣; I-Hsuan Chang
-利用還原氧化石墨烯作為導電層於聚亞醯胺金屬化製程開發張瑜蓁; Yu-Zhen Zhang
-化學方法製備鎳奈米顆粒及無鈀中性無電鍍銅配方於軟性聚亞醯胺基板之金屬化研究黃上恩; Huang, Shang-En-
-填充矽通孔之新穎電鍍銅配方陳偉翔; Chen, Wei-Hsiang-
-填充矽通孔之新穎電鍍鎳鎢合金配方黃馨嫚; Huang, Hsin-Man-