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-Effects of the NCO/OH molar ratio and the silica contained on the properties of waterborne polyurethane resinsWen-Jau Lee; Wei-Ting Lin; 李文昭
-以生命表評估斑痣懸繭蜂寄生斜紋夜蛾之研究林瑋廷; Wei-Ting Lin
-批次型蛋箱清洗消毒系統之研究Wei-Ting Lin; Hsueh-Hao Chang; Meng-Ting Lin; Zhi-Yang Chen; Kuang-Wen Hsieh; 林韋廷; 張學豪; 林孟廷; 陳子揚; 謝廣文
-轉殖溶菌酶(Lysozyme)及穿孔素(Holin)基因至甘藍(Brassica oleracea L. var. capitata L.)葉綠體之研究Wei-Ting Lin; 林葦庭