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-Adaptive AOA-Aided TOA Self-Positioning for Mobile Wireless Sensor NetworkWen, C.Y.; 溫志煜; Chan, F.K.-
-Asynchronous two-way ranging using Tomlinson-Harashima precoding and UWB signalingWen, C.Y.; 溫志煜; Chen, J.K.; Sethares, W.A.-
-Autonomous Distributed Self-Organization for Mobile Wireless Sensor NetworksWen, C.Y.; 溫志煜; Tang, H.K.-
-Bioactivity-guided screening identifies pheophytin a as a potent anti-hepatitis C virus compound from Lonicera hypoglauca MiqWang, S.Y.; Tseng, C.P.; Tsai, K.C.; Lin, C.F.; Wen, C.Y.; Tsaye, H.S.; Sakamoto, N.; Tseng, C.H.; Cheng, J.C.-
-Cooperative Anchor-Free Position Estimation for Hierarchical Wireless Sensor NetworksWen, C.Y.; 溫志煜; Hsiao, Y.C.; Chan, F.K.-
-Distance estimation using bidirectional communications without synchronous clockingWen, C.Y.; 溫志煜; Morris, R.D.; Sethares, W.A.-
-Distributed Cooperative Sensing Scheme for Wireless Sleep EEG MeasurementWu, M.F.; Wen, C.Y.-
-Dynamic Hierarchical Sleep Scheduling for Wireless Ad-Hoc Sensor NetworksWen, C.Y.; 溫志煜; Chen, Y.C.-
-Secure Adaptive Topology Control for Wireless Ad-Hoc Sensor NetworksHsueh, C.T.; 歐陽彥杰; Li, Y.W.; Wen, C.Y.; Ouyang, Y.C.; 溫志煜-