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-Application of gamma irradiation in ginseng for both photodegradation of pesticide pentachloronitrobenzene and microbial decontaminationWen, H.W.; Hsieh, M.F.; Wang, Y.T.; Chung, H.P.; Hsieh, P.C.; Lin, I.H.; Chou, F.I.-
-Constructing liposomal nanovesicles of ginseng extract against hydrogen peroxide-induced oxidative damage to L929 cellsTsai, W.C.; Li, W.C.; Yin, H.Y.; Yu, M.C.; Wen, H.W.-
-Development of a rapid and sensitive immunomagnetic-bead based assay for detecting Bacillus cereus in milkChu, P.T.; Hsieh, M.F.; Yin, S.Y.; Wen, H.W.-
-Efficacy of gamma irradiation for protection against postharvest insect damage and microbial contamination of adlayWen, H.W.; Chung, H.P.; Wang, Y.T.; Hsieh, P.C.; Lin, I.H.; Chou, F.I.-
-Evaluation of Nanofabricated Ginseng Extract PowdersWen, H.W.; Li, W.C.; Chung, R.J.; Yin, S.Y.; Chou, T.H.; Hsieh, P.C.; Wang, P.H.; Lin, I.H.-
-Interaction of cationic antimicrobial peptides with phospholipid vesicles and their antibacterial activityChou, H.T.; Wen, H.W.; Kuo, T.Y.; Lin, C.C.; Chen, W.J.-
-Photo-luminescent hydroxyapatite coatings through a bio-mimetic processChung, R.J.; Chin, T.S.; Cheng, H.Y.; Wen, H.W.; Hsieh, M.F.-
-Synthesis, in vitro macrophage response and detoxification of bamboo charcoal beads for purifying bloodHsieh, M.F.; Wen, H.W.; Shyu, C.L.; Chen, S.H.; Li, W.T.; Wang, W.C.; Chen, W.C.-