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-Decentralized Cooperative TOA/AOA Target Tracking for Hierarchical Wireless Sensor NetworksChen, Ying-Chih; Wen, Chih-Yu-
-Device-Based Asynchronous Ranging and Node Identification for Wireless Sensor NetworksLin, Shih-Chang; Wen, Chih-Yu-
-Distributed Information Compression for Target Tracking in Cluster-Based Wireless Sensor NetworksLiao, Shi-Kuan; Lai, Kai-Jay; Tsai, Hsiao-Ping; Wen, Chih-Yu; 溫志煜
-Using Hybrid Angle/Distance Information for Distributed Topology Control in Vehicular Sensor NetworksHuang, Chao-Chi; Chiu, Yang-Hung; Wen, Chih-Yu