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-Bacillus kaustophilus thermostable leucine amiopeptidase 基因的選殖、表現及酵素特性分析吳承蒲; Wu, Chen-Pu-
-Bacillus sp. TS-23 dihydropyrimidinase 基因的選殖與酵素性質分析許偉意; Hsu, Wei-Yi-
-Biochemical characterization of N-acylamino acid racemase from Deinococcus radiodurans BCRC12827 and its application in the enantioselective synthesis of L-homophenylalanine許世光; Hsu, Shih-Kuang-
-Characterization and Regulation of the Putative Pyrimidine Reductive Catabolism Pathway in Brevibacillus agri NCHU1002 and the Use of Dihydropyrimidinase for L-Homophenylalanine Production高肇鴻; Kao, Chao-Hung-
-Cloning and expression of the D-hydantoinase from Bacillus circulans and characterization of the enzyme高肇鴻; Kao, Chao-Hung-
-Cloning and Expression Trigonopsis variabilis D-Amino Acid Oxidase in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Escharichia coliHwang, Tzann-Shing; 黃贊勳-
-Development of an efficient strategy for purification of plasma membrane proteinsChen, Hsiang-Ju; 陳相儒-
-Development of functional transgenic tomato with hypotriglyceridemic action.Chih-Wen Yu; Jen-Chun Cheng; Ching-Fu Yang; Shih-Hsien Ku; Yu-kai Shieh; Shu-Hsien Hung; Jung-Kang Jin; Chin-Ho Lin; Wen-Hwei Hsu
-Expression of Aspergillus oryzae leucine aminopeptidase gene in transgenic tomato plants.Shu-Hsien Hung; Jen-Chun Cheng; Wen-Hwei Hsu; Chih-Wen Yu; Chin-Ho Lin
-Genomic Sequence and Analysis of Corynephage P1201陳昶霖; Chen, Chang-Lin-
-An improved Agrobacterium-mediated transformation system for soybean using shoot tips.M. Loganathan; S. Maruthasalam; Pei-Fan Lee; Wen-Hwei Hsu; Chin-Ho Lin
-Molecular cloning and characterization of a new aspartic protease gene from Rhizopus hangchow李碩康; Lee, Shou-Kang-
-Mutational analysis of the active sites of the D-amino acid oxidase from Trigonopsis variabilis朱曉霞; Ju, Sheau-Shya-
-Novel Enzymatic Methods for the Production of L-HomophenylalanineLo, Hsueh-Hsia; 羅雪霞-
-Pseudomonas amyloaderamosa 澱粉枝切酵素基因在 Saccharomyces 現陳佩亨; Chen, Pay-Heng-
-Pseudomonas putida D-Hydantoinase 基因在 Escherichia coli 和 Pseudomonas putida 之高度表現紀怡蘭; Jih, Yi-Lan-
-Pseudonocardia autotrophica BCRC12444的cytochrome P450 monooxygenase基因以及脂肪酸代謝基因串陳昭賢; Chen, Chao-Hsien-
-Regulation , characterization and expression of Aspergillus oryzae and Aspergillus sojae leucine aminopeptidase gene陳俊彰; Chen, Chun-Chang-
-Regulation and Expression of Leucine Aminopeptidase Gene in Aspergillus oryzae管宜家; Kuan, Yi-Chia-
-Streptomyces regensis cytochrome P-450 monooxygenase基因的選殖及表現Chung, Chun-Yu; 張純毓-