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-A comparison between yellow-green and green cultivars of four vegetable species in pigments, ascorbate, photosynthesis, energy dissipation, and photoinhibitionWeng, J.H.; Chien, L.F.; Jiang, C.Y.; Shih, F.C.; Chen, H.Y.-
-Effect of temperature on photosynthesis of Miscanthus clones collected from different elevationsWeng, J.H.; 翁仁憲; Ueng, R.G.-
-Effects of osmotic- and high-light stresses on PSII efficiency of attached and detached leaves of three tree species adapted to different water regimesWeng, J.H.; Chien, C.T.; Chen, C.W.; Lai, X.M.-
-Estimating heat tolerance among plant species by two chlorophyll fluorescence parametersWeng, J.H.; 翁仁憲; Lai, M.F.-
-Genetic variation of Zoysia as revealed by random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) and isozyme patternWeng, J.H.; Fan, M.J.; Lin, C.Y.; Liu, Y.H.; Huang, S.Y.-
-Genetic variation of Zoysia in Taiwan as analyzed by isozyme patterns and salinity toleranceWeng, J.H.; 翁仁憲-
-Relationship between allocation of absorbed light energy in PSII and photosynthetic rates of C-3 and C-4 plantsWeng, J.H.-
-Relationship between photochemical efficiency of photosystem II and the photochemical reflectance index of mango tree: merging data from different illuminations, seasons and leaf colorsWeng, J.H.; Jhaung, L.H.; Lin, R.J.; Chen, H.Y.-
-Relationships between photosystem II efficiency and photochemical reflectance index under different levels of illumination: comparison among species grown at high- and low elevations through different seasonsWeng, J.H.; Wong, S.L.; Lai, K.M.; Lin, R.J.-
-Relationships of photosynthetic capacity to PSII efficiency and to photochemical reflectance index of Pinus taiwanensis through different seasons at high and low elevations of sub-tropical TaiwanWeng, J.H.; Lai, K.M.; Liao, T.S.; Hwang, M.Y.; Chen, Y.N.-
-Underestimate of PS2 efficiency in the field due to high leaf temperature resulting from leaf clipping and its amendmentWeng, J.H.; 翁仁憲-
-Using combined measurements for comparison of light induction of stomatal conductance, electron transport rate and CO2 fixation in woody and fern species adapted to different light regimesWong, S.L.; Chen, C.W.; Huang, H.W.; Weng, J.H.-
-Variation of germination response to temperature in Formosan lily (Lilium formosanum Wall.) collected from different latitudes and elevations in TaiwanWeng, J.H.; 翁仁憲; Hsu, F.H.-