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-Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serotype 10 derived ApxI induces apoptosis in porcine alveolar macrophagesChien, M.S.; 宣詩玲; Chan, Y.Y.; Chen, Z.W.; Wu, C.M.; Liao, J.W.; Chen, T.H.; Lee, W.C.; Yeh, K.S.; Hsuan, S.L.; 廖俊旺; 簡茂盛; 陳德勛-
-Aspirin prevents resistin-induced endothelial dysfunction by modulating AMPK, ROS, and Akt/eNOS signalingOu, H.C.; Lee, W.J.; Wu, C.M.; Chen, J.F.M.; Sheu, W.H.H.-
-Construction and characterization of nisin-controlled expression vectors for use in Lactobacillus reuteriWu, C.M.; Lin, C.F.; Chang, Y.C.; Chung, R.C.-
-Effect of weight loss on proinflammatory state of mononuclear cells in obese womenSheu, W.H.H.; Chang, T.M.; Lee, W.J.; Ou, H.C.; Wu, C.M.; Tseng, L.N.; Lang, H.F.; Wu, C.S.; Wan, C.J.; Lee, I.T.-
-Effect of Weight Loss on Proinflammatory State of Mononuclear Cells in Obese Women ResponseSheu, W.H.H.; Wu, C.M.; Lee, W.J.; Lee, I.T.-
-Effects of cardiac myofibrillar ATPase activity on structural incorporation of cardiac troponin C into cardiac myofibrils in pigs afflicted with malignant hyperthermiaLiou, Y.M.; Wu, C.M.; Wu, M.J.-
-Expression and Immunological Studies of Classical Swine Fever Virus Glycoprotein E2 in the Bi-Cistronic Baculovirus/Larvae Expression SystemWu, C.M.; 宣詩玲; Hsuan, S.L.; Chen, Z.W.; Jinn, T.R.; Huang, C.J.; Liao, J.W.; Chen, T.H.; Liao, C.M.; Lee, W.C.; Wu, T.Y.; Chien, M.S.; 廖俊旺; 黃千衿-
-The formation of triple stranded helix of oligodeoxyribonucleotides containing 8-oxo-2 '-deoxyadanosineLin, S.B.; Wu, C.M.; Lin, W.C.; Kan, L.S.-
-Functional expression of FIP-gts, a fungal immunomodulatory protein from Ganoderma tsugae in Sf21 insect cellsJinn, T.R.; 曾志正; Wu, C.M.; Tu, W.C.; Ko, J.L.; Tzen, J.T.C.-
-Green fluorescent protein is a reliable reporter for screening signal peptides functional in Lactobacillus routeriWu, C.M.; 張登欽; Chung, T.C.-
-Identification and characterization of a cytochrome b559 Synechocystis 6803 mutant spontaneously generated from DCMU-inhibited photoheterotrophical growth conditionsChiu, Y.F.; Lin, W.C.; Wu, C.M.; Chen, Y.H.; Hung, C.H.; Ke, S.C.; Chu, H.A.-
-Kinetics for phenolysis of ethyl 2-bromoisobutyrate via phase-transfer catalysis in a solid-liquid systemYang, H.M.; 楊鴻銘; Wu, C.M.; Wu, H.E.-
-Mice protected by oral immunization with Lactobacillus reuteri secreting fusion protein of Escherichia coli enterotoxin subunit proteinWu, C.M.; 張登欽; Chung, T.C.-
-Mutations in the Salmonella enterica serovar Choleraesuis cAMP-receptor protein gene lead to functional defects in the SPI-1 Type III secretion systemChen, Z.W.; 宣詩玲; Hsuan, S.L.; Liao, J.W.; Chen, T.H.; Wu, C.M.; Lee, W.C.; Lin, C.C.; Liao, C.M.; Yeh, K.S.; Winton, J.R.; Huang, C.J.; Chien, M.S.; 廖俊旺; 黃千衿; 簡茂盛; 陳德勛-
-Phase-transfer catalyzed allylation of sodium phenoxide in a solid-liquid systemYang, H.M.; 楊鴻銘; Wu, C.M.-
-Physiological study on bentazon tolerance in inbred corn (Zea mays)Wu, C.M.; 王慶裕; Wang, C.Y.-
-Sesamin Mitigates Inflammation and Oxidative Stress in Endothelial Cells Exposed to Oxidized Low-Density LipoproteinLee, W.J.; Ou, H.C.; Wu, C.M.; Lee, I.T.; Lin, S.Y.; Lin, L.Y.; Tsai, K.L.; Lee, S.D.; Sheu, W.H.H.-
-Simulating runoff using the method of characteristics with unsteady rainfall eventsWu, C.M.; 陳樹群; Chen, S.C.-
-Visfatin induced expression of inflammatory mediators in human endothelial cells via NF-kB pathwaysSheu, W.H.; Wu, C.S.; Lee, W.J.; Wu, C.M.; Ho, L.; Lee, I.T.-
-Visfatin-induced expression of inflammatory mediators in human endothelial cells through the NF-kappa B pathwayLee, W.J.; 赫, 林; Wu, C.S.; Lin, H.; Lee, I.T.; Wu, C.M.; Tseng, J.J.; Chou, M.M.; Sheu, W.H.H.-