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-Aloe-emodin induces apoptosis of human nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells via caspase-8-mediated activation of the mitochondrial death pathway蘇鴻麟; Lin, M.L.; Lu, Y.C.; Chung, J.G.; Li, Y.C.; Wang, S.G.; Ng, S.H.; Wu, C.Y.; Su, H.L.; Chen, S.S.-
-Amorphous-Layer Regrowth and Activation of P and As Implanted Si by Low-Temperature Microwave AnnealingHsueh, F.K.; Lee, Y.J.; Lin, K.L.; Current, M.I.; Wu, C.Y.; Chao, T.S.-
-Analysis of protein adsorption on regenerated cellulose-based immobilized copper ion affinity membranesWu, C.Y.; 孫幸宜; Suen, S.Y.; Chen, S.C.; Tzeng, J.H.-
-Application of PDSS to improve the pricing efficiency of wholesale fish marketsLee, T.R.; Kao, J.S.; Wu, C.Y.-
-Biodegradable poly(lactic acid)/chitosan-modified montmorillonite nanocomposites: Preparation and characterizationWu, T.M.; 吳宗明; Wu, C.Y.-
-Cancer Risk in Patients With Chronic Urticaria A Population-Based Cohort StudyChen, Y.J.; Wu, C.Y.; Shen, J.L.; Chen, T.T.; Chang, Y.T.-
-Characterization and expression of the pseudorabies virus early gene UL54Huang, C.J.; 黃千衿; Wu, C.Y.-
-The D (1)Sigma(+) state of (7)LiH: Comparison of observations with vibronic theoryWu, C.Y.; Luh, W.T.; Gadea, F.X.; Stwalley, W.C.-
-Direct observation of structure effect on ferromagnetism in Zn1-xCoxO nanowiresJian, W.B.; Wu, Z.Y.; Huang, R.T.; Chen, F.R.; Kai, J.J.; Wu, C.Y.; Chiang, S.J.; Lan, M.D.; Lin, J.J.-
-Dopant Activation in Single-Crystalline Germanium by Low-Temperature Microwave AnnealingLee, Y.J.; Chuang, S.S.; Hsueh, F.K.; Lin, H.M.; Wu, S.C.; Wu, C.Y.; Tseng, T.Y.-
-The efficiency of a risk reduction program for debris-flow disasters - a case study of the Songhe community in TaiwanChen, S.C.; 陳樹群; Wu, C.Y.; Huang, B.T.-
-Elevated plasma osteopontin associated with gastric cancer development, invasion and survivalWu, C.Y.; 蔣恩沛; Wu, M.S.; Chiang, E.P.; Wu, C.C.; Chen, Y.J.; Chen, C.J.; Chi, N.H.; Chen, G.H.; Lin, J.T.-
-Elevated plasma osteopontin level is associated with occurrence of psoriasis and is an unfavorable cardiovascular risk factor in patients with psoriasis陳全木; Chen, Y.J.; Shen, J.L.; Wu, C.Y.; Chang, Y.T.; Chen, C.M.; Lee, F.Y.-
-Heavy metal contents of the cultivated culinary-medicinal Royal Sun Agaricus (the himematsutake mushroom) Agaricus brasiliensis S. Wasser et al. (agaricomycetideae) using different casing materialsLiang, Z.C.; Liang, C.H.; Wang, J.C.; Ho, W.J.; Wu, C.Y.-
-High Tensile Stress with Minimal Dopant Diffusion by Low Temperature Microwave AnnealLee, Y.J.; Lu, Y.L.; Mu, Z.C.; Hsueh, F.K.; Chao, T.S.; Wu, C.Y.-
-Histamine(2)-Receptor Antagonists Are an Alternative to Proton Pump Inhibitor in Patients Receiving ClopidogrelWu, C.Y.; Chan, F.K.L.; Wu, M.S.; Kuo, K.N.; Wang, C.B.; Tsao, C.R.; Lin, J.T.-
-Imiquimod simultaneously induces autophagy and apoptosis in human basal cell carcinoma cellsHuang, S.W.; 張嘉哲; Liu, K.T.; Chang, C.C.; Chen, Y.J.; Wu, C.Y.; Tsai, J.J.; Lu, W.C.; Wang, Y.T.; Liu, C.M.; Shieh, J.J.; 謝政哲-
-The influence of cultivation conditions on mycelial growth and exopolysaccharide production of culinary-medicinal mushroom, Pleurotus citrinopileatus Singer (Agaricomycetideae)毛正倫; Wu, C.Y.; Mau, J.L.; Liang, Z.C.-
-Long-term peptic ulcer rebleeding risk estimation in patients undergoing haemodialysis: a 10-year nationwide cohort studyWu, C.Y.; Wu, M.S.; Kuo, K.N.; Wang, C.B.; Chen, Y.J.; Lin, J.T.-
-Malignancy in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: A Nationwide Cohort Study in TaiwanChen, Y.J.; Chang, Y.T.; Wang, C.B.; Wu, C.Y.-