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-Adhesion strength and wear resistance of a Al2O3 films deposited on 440C stainless steelYou, H.I.; Wu, K.C.; Song, T.H.-
-Biostabilization assessment of MSW co-disposed with MSWI fly ash in anaerobic bioreactorsLo, H.M.; 洪俊雄; Liu, M.H.; Pai, T.Y.; Liu, W.F.; Lin, C.Y.; Wang, S.C.; Banks, C.J.; Hung, C.H.; Chiang, C.F.; Lin, K.C.; Chen, P.H.; Chen, J.K.; Chiu, H.Y.; Su, M.H.; Kurniawan, T.A.; Wu, K.C.; Hsieh, C.Y.; Hsu, H.S.; 林昭遠-
-Determination of solid material elastic modulus and surface energy based on JKR contact modelWu, K.C.; You, H.I.-
-An Effective Message Embedding Scheme for 3D ModelsLi, M.T.; 王宗銘 ; Huang, N.C.; Wu, K.C.; Jan, C.K.; Wang, C.M.-
-Exploring pixel-value differencing and base decomposition for low distortion data embeddingWu, N.I.; Wu, K.C.; Wang, C.M.-
-Gold nanomesh induced surface plasmon for photocurrent enhancement in a polymer solar cellDevi, B.P.; 裴靜偉; Wu, K.C.; Pei, Z.-
-Parametric identification of asymmetric buildings from earthquake response recordsLin, C.C.; 翁駿民; Hong, L.L.; Ueng, J.M.; Wu, K.C.; Wang, C.E.; 林其璋-
-A secure YS-like user authentication schemeChen, T.H.; 洪國寶; Horng, G.; Wu, K.C.-
-Solubility of heavy metals added to MSWLo, H.M.; 盧重興; Lin, K.C.; Liu, M.H.; Pai, T.Z.; Lin, C.Y.; Liu, W.F.; Fang, G.C.; Lu, C.; Chiang, C.F.; Wang, S.C.; Chen, J.K.; Chiu, H.Y.; Wu, K.C.; 林昭遠-
-Sports injury and the role of medical diagnostic devicesWu, S.M.; Wu, K.C.; Wu, H.C.; Yeh, C.H.-