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-Employee dissatisfaction with organizational change: An Empirical study of a technology services companyWu, L.C.; Wu, M.-
-Ethanol Extract of Graptopetalum paraguayense Upregulates Paraoxonase 1 Gene Expression via an AKT/NF-kappa B-Dependent PathwayCheng, C.C.; Wu, L.C.; Lai, J.M.; Chen, C.T.; Hsueh, C.M.; Hsu, S.L.-
-Folic Acid-Anchored PEGgylated Phospholipid Bioconjugate and Its Application in a Liposomal Immunodiagnostic Assay for Folic AcidHo, J.A.A.; Hung, C.H.; Wu, L.C.; Liao, M.Y.-
-Identification and evaluation of antioxidants defatted Camellia oleifera seeds by isopropanol salting-out pretreatmentChen, J.H.; 張傑明; Wu, H.Y.; Liau, B.C.; Chang, C.M.J.; Jong, T.T.; Wu, L.C.; 鍾婷婷-
-Imaging of single liver tumor cells intoxicated by heavy metals using ToF-SIMSMai, F.D.; 李豐穎; Chen, B.J.; Wu, L.C.; Li, F.Y.; Chen, W.K.-
-Improved Candidate Biomarker Detection Based on Mass Spectrometry Data Using the Hilbert-Huang TransformWu, L.C.; Hsieh, P.H.; Horng, J.T.; Jou, Y.J.; Lin, C.D.; Cheng, K.F.; Lin, C.W.; Chen, S.Y.-
-Interdisciplinary research of options theory and management information systems Review, research issues, and suggestions for future researchWu, L.C.; 巫亮全; Wu, L.H.; Wen, Y.F.-
-A quantitative model for ERP investment decision: considering revenue and costs under uncertaintyWu, L.C.; Liou, F.M.-
-Supplier selection under uncertainty: a switching options perspectiveWu, L.C.; 巫亮全-