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-A certificate-based watermarking scheme for coloured imagesWu, N.I.; 蔡垂雄; Wang, C.M.; Tsai, C.S.; Hwang, M.S.; 王宗銘 -
-Exploring pixel-value differencing and base decomposition for low distortion data embeddingWu, N.I.; Wu, K.C.; Wang, C.M.-
-A high quality steganographic method with pixel-value differencing and modulus functionWang, C.M.; 蔡垂雄; Wu, N.I.; Tsai, C.S.; Hwang, M.S.; 王宗銘 -
-A novel adaptive steganography based on local complexity and human vision sensitivityLou, D.C.; 蔡垂雄; Wu, N.I.; Wang, C.M.; Lin, Z.H.; Tsai, C.S.; 王宗銘 -
-A Novel Data Hiding Method for Grayscale Images Based on Pixel-Value Differencing and Modulus FunctionWu, N.I.; 王宗銘 ; Fu, K.C.; Wang, C.M.-
-A Novel Data Hiding Scheme for Binary Images with Low DistortionHsieh, W.C.; 王宗銘 ; Wu, N.I.; Wang, C.M.-