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-Acetogenin and Prenylated Flavonoids from Helminthostachys zeylanica with Inhibitory Activity on Superoxide Generation and Elastase Release by NeutrophilsHuang, Y.C.; Hwang, T.L.; Yang, Y.L.; Wu, S.H.; Hsu, M.H.; Wang, J.P.; Chen, S.C.; Huang, L.J.; Liaw, C.C.-
-Application of high-frequency ultrasound for the detection of surgical anatomy in the rodent abdomenChen, J.Y.; Chen, H.L.; Wu, S.H.; Tsai, T.C.; Lin, M.F.; Yen, C.C.; Hsu, W.H.; Chen, W.; Chen, C.M.-
-Baculovirus-Derived Hemagglutinin Vaccine Protects Chickens from Lethal Homologous Virus H5N1 ChallengeLin, Y.J.; 簡茂盛; Deng, M.C.; Wu, S.H.; Chen, Y.L.; Cheng, H.C.; Chang, C.Y.; Lee, M.S.; Chien, M.S.; Huang, C.C.-
-Biodiversity of constructed wetlands for wastewater treatmentHsu, C.B.; Hsieh, H.L.; Yang, L.; Wu, S.H.; Chang, J.S.; Hsiao, S.C.; Su, H.C.; Yeh, C.H.; Ho, Y.S.; Lin, H.J.-
-Bioinformatic prediction and experimental validation of a microRNA-directed tandem trans-acting siRNA cascade in ArabidopsisChen, H.M.; Li, Y.H.; Wu, S.H.-
-COP1-Mediated Degradation of BBX22/LZF1 Optimizes Seedling Development in ArabidopsisChang, C.S.J.; Maloof, J.N.; Wu, S.H.-
-Curcumin Induces Apoptosis in Human Non-small Cell Lung Cancer NCI-H460 Cells through ER Stress and Caspase Cascade- and Mitochondria-dependent PathwaysWu, S.H.; Hang, L.W.; Yang, J.S.; Chen, H.Y.; Lin, H.Y.; Chiang, J.H.; Lu, C.C.; Yang, J.L.; Lai, T.Y.; Ko, Y.C.; Chung, J.G.-
-The development of regulations for food nanotechnologyChau, C.F.; 顏國欽; Wu, S.H.; Yen, G.C.; 周志輝-
-The development of regulations of Chinese herbal medicines for both medicinal and food usesChau, C.F.; 周志輝; Wu, S.H.-
-Discovery of New Natural Products by Intact-Cell Mass Spectrometry and LC-SPE-NMR: Malbranpyrroles, Novel Polyketides from Thermophilic Fungus Malbranchea sulfureaYang, Y.L.; Liao, W.Y.; Liu, W.Y.; Liaw, C.C.; Shen, C.N.; Huang, Z.Y.; Wu, S.H.-
-Effect of carbonate in electrode coating on the microstructure and mechanical properties of weldChang, C.M.; 吳威德; Wu, S.H.; Fan, C.; Chen, M.C.; Wu, W.T.-
-Formulation of a super-element for the dynamic problem of a cracked plateGo, C.G.; Lin, C.I.; Lin, Y.S.; Wu, S.H.-
-Ganoderma multipileum, the correct name for 'G. lucidum' in tropical AsiaWang, D.M.; Wu, S.H.; Su, C.H.; Peng, J.T.; Shih, Y.H.; Chen, L.C.-
-Heterogeneous Capture-Recapture Models with Covariates: A Partial Likelihood Approach for Closed PopulationsStoklosa, J.; 黃文瀚; Hwang, W.H.; Wu, S.H.; Huggins, R.-
-Identification of novel Bartonella spp. in bats and evidence of Asian gray shrew as a new potential reservoir of BartonellaLin, J.W.; Hsu, Y.M.; Chomel, B.B.; Lin, L.K.; Pei, J.C.; Wu, S.H.; Chang, C.C.-
-Improvement of the Hypocholesterolemic Activities of Two Common Fruit Fibers by Micronization ProcessingWu, S.C.; 周志輝; Wu, S.H.; Chau, C.F.-
-Lowland rainforests in southern Taiwan and Lanyu, at the northern border of Paleotropics and under the influence of monsoon windChao, W.C.; 趙國容; Song, G.Z.M.; Chao, K.J.; Liao, C.C.; Fan, S.W.; Wu, S.H.; Hsieh, T.H.; Sun, I.F.; Kuo, Y.L.; Hsieh, C.F.-
-LZF1, a HY5-regulated transcriptional factor, functions in Arabidopsis de-etiolationChang, C.S.J.; Li, Y.H.; Chen, L.T.; Chen, W.C.; Hsieh, W.P.; Shin, J.; Jane, W.N.; Chou, S.J.; Choi, G.; Hu, J.M.; Somerville, S.; Wu, S.H.-
-Microstructure and wear characteristics of hypoeutectic, eutectic and hypereutectic (Cr,Fe)(23)C-6 carbides in hardfacing alloysKuo, C.W.; 吳威德; Fan, C.; Wu, S.H.; Wu, W.-
-Mining small RNA sequencing data: a new approach to identify small nucleolar RNAs in ArabidopsisChen, H.M.; Wu, S.H.-