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-Comparison of the intervertebral disc spaces between axial and anterior lean cervical tractionChung, C.T.; Tsai, S.W.; Chen, C.J.; Wu, T.C.; Wang, D.; Lan, H.C.H.; Wu, S.K.-
-Early development in Williams syndromeTsai, S.W.; 劉英明; Wu, S.K.; Liou, Y.M.; Shu, S.G.-
-Investigation of the photo-catalytic coating on AZ91 alloyWang, J.Y.; 汪俊延; Tsai, H.J.; Uan, J.Y.; Wong, M.S.; Wu, S.K.-
-A New Meghimatium Slug (Pulmonata: Philomycidae) from TaiwanTsai, C.L.; Wu, S.K.-
-Self-assembly of polystyrene microspheres within spatially confined rectangular microgroovesWu, S.K.; 曾文甲; Tang, T.P.; Tseng, W.J.-
-Treatment of upper cervical subluxation in pediatric patientsTsai, S.W.; Zhong, J.D.; Chen, Y.W.; Wu, S.K.; Lin, Y.W.-