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-5-Fluorouracil Induced Intestinal Mucositis via Nuclear Factor-kappa B Activation by Transcriptomic Analysis and In Vivo Bioluminescence ImagingChang, C.T.; Ho, T.Y.; Lin, H.; Liang, J.A.; Huang, H.C.; Li, C.C.; Lo, H.Y.; Wu, S.L.; Huang, Y.F.; Hsiang, C.Y.-
-Comprehensive Assessment of Host Responses to Ionizing Radiation by Nuclear Factor-kappa B Bioluminescence Imaging-Guided Transcriptomic AnalysisChang, C.T.; 赫, 林; Lin, H.; Ho, T.Y.; Li, C.C.; Lo, H.Y.; Wu, S.L.; Huang, Y.F.; Liang, J.A.; Hsiang, C.Y.-
-Demonstration of thyrotropin receptor mRNA in orbital fat and eye muscle tissues from patients with Graves' ophthalmopathy by in situ hybridizationWu, S.L.; 張天傑; Yang, C.S.J.; Wang, H.J.; Liao, C.L.; Chang, T.J.; Chang, T.C.-
-Design and characterization of porphyrin sensitizers with a push-pull framework for highly efficient dye-sensitized solar cellsWu, S.L.; 葉鎮宇; Lu, H.P.; Yu, H.T.; Chuang, S.H.; Chiu, C.L.; Lee, C.W.; Diau, E.W.G.; Yeh, C.Y.-
-Dioscorea improves the morphometric and mechanical properties of bone in ovariectomised ratsChen, J.H.; 鄔詩賢; Wu, J.S.S.; Lin, H.C.; Wu, S.L.; Wang, W.F.; Huang, S.K.; Ho, Y.J.-
-Germline RET Proto-oncogene mutations in two Taiwanese families with multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2AWu, S.L.; 張天傑; Chang, T.C.; Huang, C.N.; Chuang, L.M.; Chang, T.J.-
-Identification of a DNA-binding domain and an active-site residue of pseudorabies virus DNaseHo, T.Y.; 張天傑; Wu, S.L.; Hsiang, C.H.; Chang, T.J.; Hsiang, C.Y.-
-Identification, expression, and characterization of the pseudorabies virus DNA-binding protein gene and gene productWu, S.L.; 張天傑; Hsiang, C.Y.; Ho, T.Y.; Chang, T.J.-
-MPTP Lesion Causes Neuroinflammation and Deficits in Object Recognition in Wistar RatsWang, W.F.; 劉英明; Wu, S.L.; Liou, Y.M.; Wang, A.L.; Pawlak, C.R.; Ho, Y.J.-
-MPTP-induced dopaminergic degeneration and deficits in object recognition in rats are accompanied by neuroinflammation in the hippocampusSy, H.N.; 劉英明; Wu, S.L.; Wang, W.F.; Chen, C.H.; Huang, Y.T.; Liou, Y.M.; Chiou, C.S.; Pawlak, C.R.; Ho, Y.J.-
-De novo RET proto oncogene mutation in a patient with multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2BChang, T.J.; 張天傑; Wu, S.L.; Chang, T.C.; Huang, S.H.-
-Pseudorabies virus early protein 0 trans-activates the TATA-associated promoter by stimulating the transcription initiationHo, T.Y.; 張天傑; Wu, S.L.; Chang, T.J.; Hsiang, C.H.; Chang, S.H.; Hsiang, C.Y.-
-RET protooncogene mutations in patients with apparently sporadic medullary thyroid carcinomaHuang, C.N.; 張天傑; Wu, S.L.; Chang, T.C.; Huang, S.H.; Chang, T.J.-