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-The 5p15.33 Locus Is Associated with Risk of Lung Adenocarcinoma in Never-Smoking Females in AsiaHsiung, C.A.; Lan, Q.; Hong, Y.C.; Chen, C.J.; Hosgood, H.D.; Chang, I.S.; Chatterjee, N.; Brennan, P.; Wu, C.; Zheng, W.; Chang, G.C.; Wu, T.C.; Park, J.Y.; Hsiao, C.F.; Kim, Y.H.; Shen, H.B.; Seow, A.; Yeager, M.; Tsai, Y.H.; Kim, Y.T.; Chow, W.H.; Guo, H.A.-
-Characteristics of carbon coatings on optical fibers prepared by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition using different argon/methane ratiosLin, H.C.; 薛顯宗; Shiue, S.T.; Cheng, Y.H.; Yang, T.J.; Wu, T.C.; Lin, H.Y.-
-Comparison of the intervertebral disc spaces between axial and anterior lean cervical tractionChung, C.T.; Tsai, S.W.; Chen, C.J.; Wu, T.C.; Wang, D.; Lan, H.C.H.; Wu, S.K.-
-Effect of coating thickness and roughness on water-repellency and thermally induced voids/cracks in copper-coated optical fibers prepared by electroless plating methodChu, R.S.; 薛顯宗; Shiue, S.T.; Yang, T.J.; Wu, T.C.; Lin, H.Y.-
-Effect of substrate temperature on the properties of carbon-coated optical fibers prepared by plasma enhanced chemical vapor depositionLin, H.C.; 薛顯宗; Shiue, S.T.; Chou, Y.M.; Lin, H.Y.; Wu, T.C.-
-Effects of acetone on methyl ethyl ketone peroxide runaway reactionLin, Y.F.; 林彥甫; Tseng, J.M.; Wu, T.C.; Shu, C.M.-
-Generation of Two-Dimensional Optical Reference Signals Based on Parametric Minimum Cross EntropySu, Y.S.; Wu, T.C.; Wang, C.H.; Chang, M.K.-
-Improvement of the outcoupling efficiency of an organic light-emitting device by attaching microstructured filmsLin, H.Y.; 戴慶良; Lee, J.H.; Wei, M.K.; Dai, C.L.; Wu, C.F.; Ho, Y.H.; Wu, T.C.-
-p53 Dysfunction by Xeroderma Pigmentosum Group C Defects Enhance Lung Adenocarcinoma Metastasis via Increased Mmp1 ExpressionWu, Y.H.; 廖俊旺; Wu, T.C.; Liao, J.W.; Yeh, K.T.; Chen, C.Y.; Lee, H.-
-A rare pulmonary zygomycosis manifested as chronic mediastinitis and bronchial perforationLiu, H.C.; 陳全木; Jan, M.S.; Lin, Y.C.; Lin, W.L.; Wu, T.C.; Huang, C.N.; Chen, C.M.; Lu, M.C.-
-Up-Regulation of Interleukin-17 Expression by Human Papillomavirus Type 16 E6 in Nonsmall Cell Lung CancerChang, Y.H.; Yu, C.W.; Lai, L.C.; Tsao, C.H.; Ho, K.T.; Yang, S.C.; Lee, H.; Cheng, Y.W.; Wu, T.C.; Shiau, M.Y.-