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-A 1.2-V fully integrated 2.4-GHz low-noise amplifier in 0.35-mu m CMOS technologyMeng, C.C.; Chiang, M.H.; Wu, T.H.-
-A+0.18-mu+m+CMOS+CMFB+downconversion+micromixer+with+deep+N-well+technology+for+LO-RF+and+LO-IF+isolation+improvementsMeng, C.C.; Hsu, S.K.; Wu, T.H.; Huang, G.W.-
-Driving Current Enhancement of Strained Ge (110) p-Type Tunnel FETs and Anisotropic EffectLee, M.H.; 張書通; Chang, S.T.; Wu, T.H.; Tseng, W.N.-
-p-Type Tunneling Field-Effect Transistors on (100)- and (110)- Oriented Si SubstratesLee, M.H.; 張書通; Hsieh, B.F.; Wu, T.H.; Chang, S.T.-
-Root sugar level in luffa and bitter melon is not referential to their flooding toleranceSu, P.H.; 林金和; Wu, T.H.; Lin, C.H.-