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-Establish Assessment Model for the Landslide Potential Caused by Rainfall EventWu, Chun-Hung; 吳俊鋐-
-Formation, failure, and consequences of the Xiaolin landslide dam, triggered by extreme rainfall from Typhoon Morakot, TaiwanWu, Chun-Hung; Chen, Su-Chin; Feng, Zheng-Yi-
-旗山溪集水區長期降雨特性改變與崩塌分佈關係Chen, Su-Chin; 陳樹群; Chu, Yu-Hang; Wu, Chun-Hung;  諸予涵;  吳俊鋐
-西台灣強降雨誘發崩塌規模與區位之特性分析陳樹群; Chen, Su-Chin; 郭靜苓; 吳俊鋐; Kuo, Ching-Ling; Wu, Chun-Hung