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-Dairy+Industry+and+the+Policy+in+TaiwanRobert, E.Jacobson; Wu, Ming-Ming
-Hosuehold Consumption of Five Major Foods in Taiwan: An Application of the Barten Household Size Effect ModelWu, Ming-Ming; Yan, Jyun-An
-Linking Agricultural Production Marketing Team to The Enterpreneurial Development of Small Farms in Taiwan: Achievement, Challenges And ProspectsWu, Ming-Ming
-台灣的行銷環境和農企業策略Wu, Ming-Ming; Hwang, Tsorng-Chyi; Yang, Pat
-台灣非酒精性飲料的發展和未來展望Wu, Ming-Ming; Hwang, Tsorng-Chyi; Fan, Feng-Ming; Wang, Suh-Mei