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-Characterization of the AdoMet-dependent guanylyltransferase activity that is associated with the N terminus of bamboo mosaic virus replicaseY. I. Li; Y. J. Chen; Y. H. Hsu; M. Meng-
-Critical residues for GTP methylatie intermediate in the capping enzyme domain of bamboo mosaic virusY. L. Huang; Y. T. Han; Y. T. Chang; Y. H. Hsu; M. Meng-
-(J Virol., 72(12):10093-10099)Identification and characterization of the E. coli-expressed RNA-dependent RNA polymerase of bamboo mosaic virusY. I. Li; Y. M. Cheng; Y. L. Huang; C. H. Tsai; Y. H. Hsu; M. Meng-
-(J Virol., 75(24):12114-12120) The helicase-like domain of plant potexvirus replicase participates in the formation of 5' cap structure of RNA by exhibiting an RNA 5'-triphosphatase activityY. I. Li; T. W. Shih; Y. H. Hsu; Y. T. Han; Y. L. Huang; M. Meng-
-(J Virol., 75(6):2818-2824)Sequences at the 3' Untranslated Region of Bamboo Mosaic Potexvirus RNA Interact with the Viral RNA-Dependent RNA PolymeraseC. Y. Huang; Y. L. Huang; M. Meng; Y. H. Hsu; C. H. Tsai-
-(J Virol., 83(11):5796-5805Suppression of Bamboo mosaic virus accumulation by a putative methyltransferase in Nicotiana benthamiana.C. W. Cheng; Y. Y. Hsiao; H. C. Wu; C. M. Chuang; J. S. Chen; C. H. Tsai; Y. H. Hsu; Y. C. Wu; C. C. Lee; M. Meng-
-(J. Biol. Chem., 280(13):13153-13162)mRNA Guanylation Catalyzed by the S-Adenosylmethionine-dependent Guanylyltransferase of Bamboo Mosaic VirusY. L. Huang; Y. H. Hsu; Y. T. Han; M. Meng-
-(J. Chromatogr. A,734(2):375-380)Separation of plant phenolic compounds by capillary zone electrophoresisJ. F. Jen; Y. H. Hsu; M. R. Lee-
-(Virology , 367(1):041-050)Mutational analysis of a helicase motif-based RNA5'-triphosphatase/NTPase from bamboo mosaic virusY. T. Han; C. S. Tsai; Y. C. Chen; M. K. Lin; Y. H. Hsu; M. Meng-
-(Virology, 389(1-2):034-044Identification and functional characterization of regions that can be crosslinked to RNA in the helicase-like domain of BaMV replicaseY. T. Han; Y. H. Hsu; C. W. Lo; M. Meng-