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-(Nucleic Acids Research,35:W66-W70)NTMG (N-terminal Truncated Mutants Generator for cDNA):An Automatic Multiplex PCR Assays Design for Generating Various N-terminal Truncated cDNA MutantsY. F. Chen; R. C. Chen; L. Y. Tseng; E. Lin; Y. K. Chan; R. H. Pan-
-Optic Disk Locating of the Retinal Fundus Images Using Simple Statistic ParametersY. P. Chu; Y. F. Chen; S. F. Yang-Mao; Y. K. Chan; C. S. Tsai; W. C. Chiang-
-(Proceedings of the 2004 IEEE International Conference on Networking, Sensing and Control, p1247-p1252 )Vector Quantized Coding Compression of a Series of Successive 2-DE ImagesT. S. Chen; Y. K. Chan; H. F. Tsai; M. Hsieh; C. S. Tsai; C. W. Tsai
-影像切割之研究及其應用曾筱芸; Tseng, Hsiao-Yun-