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-Effect of BerryThinning on the Quality of ' Kyoho ' Grapes in Taiwan黃子彬; T. B. Huang; 楊耀祥; Y. S. Yang
-GA3及KT-30對冬季巨峰葡萄果實生長之影響楊耀祥; Y. S. Yang; 陳秉訓; B. S. Chen
-(Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology, 17(15):2085-2095)Enhanced adhesion and thermal stability of Al/Cr film on indium-tin-oxide coated glassesJ.-H. J. Hsieh; T.-M Wu; J.-Z Tong; Y. S. Yang
-The Relationship Between Bud Dormancy and Carbohydrates in GrapevineY. S. Yang; 楊耀祥; M. T. Chang; 張明聰
-Seed Number of Summer and Winter ' Kyoho ' Grapes王乃霖; N. L. Wang; 楊耀祥; Y. S. Yang
-Studies on Shoot Tip Culture of Wax Apple in Vitro余浩然; H. J. Yu; 楊耀祥; Y. S. Yang
-(Surface and Coating Technology, 183(1):089-095 )Improvement of interfacial adhesion of Al/Cr films deposited on indium tin oxide coated glasses by interfacial doping with oxygenT.-M Wu; J.-Z Tong; J.-H. J. Hsieh; Y. S. Yang
-巨峰葡萄碳水化合物之季節變化楊耀祥; Y. S. Yang; 張明聰; M. T. Chang
-棚面結果枝密度對 ' 巨峰 ' 葡萄品質之影響黃子彬; T. B. Huang; 楊耀祥; Y. S. Yang
-葡萄催芽劑氰氨基化鈣製法之研究楊耀祥; Y. S. Yang
-除根對蘿蔔新梢初期生長之影響楊耀祥; Y. S. Yang; 堀裕; Y. Hori