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-(Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA),1576(1-2):119-126)Purification,characterization,and genetic analysis of a leucine aminopeptidase from Aspergillus sojaeH.C. Chien; L.L. Lin; S.H. Chao; C.C. Chen; W.C. Wang; C.Y. Shaw; Y.C. Chen; H.Y. Hu; W.H. Hsu-
-Effect of Bidens pilosa on infection and drug resistance of Eimeria in chickensW.C. Yang; Y.J. Tien; C.Y. Chung; Y.C. Chen; W.H. Chiou; S.Y. Hsu; H.Y. Liu; C.L. Liang; C.L.T. Chang-
-The Effect of participation Congruence on the performance measurement systems-using Questionnaire and Archival Data to reduce Common Method VarianceY.W. Chang; Y.C. Chen; Ruey-Dang Chang; C.P. Chang-
-The Effect of Participative Budgeting Congruence on Individual Performance and Corporate PerformanceY.W. Chang; Ruey-Dang Chang; Y.C. Chen; C.P. Chang; S.C. Wu-
-(Process Biochemistry,35(3-4):285-290)Production of N-carbamoyl-D-hydroxyphenylglycine by D-hydantoinase activity of a recombinant Escherichia coliY.C. Chen; B.D. Yin; S.C. Lin; W.H. Hsu-
-(Process Biochemistry,35(9):915-921)Production of D-amino acid precursors with permeabilized recombinant Escherichia coli with D-hydantoinase activityB.D. Yin; Y.C. Chen; S.C. Lin; W.H Hsu-
-The Relation of Corporate Executives with Audit Experience and Value-relevance of Accounting InformationRuey-Dang Chang; C.P. Chang; Y.C. Tseng; Y.C. Chen-
-Sweep gas flow effect on membrane reactor performance for hydrogen production from high-temperature water-gas shift reactionR.Y. Chein; Y.C. Chen; J.N. Chung
-Thermodynamic analysis of dry reforming of CH4 with CO2 at high pressuresR.Y. Chein; Y.C. Chen; C.T. Yu; J.N. Chung