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-Knowledge Management for Computational Problem SolvingD.T.Lee; G.C.Lee; Y.W.Huang-
-Non-Detrimental Web Application Security AuditingY.W.Huang; C.H.Tsai; D.T.Lee; S.Y.Kuo-
-Securing Web Application Code by Static Analysis and Runtime ProtectionY.W.Huang; F.Yu; C.Hang; C.H.Tsai; D.T.Lee; S.Y.Kuo-
-A testing framework for web application security assessmentY.W.Huang; C.H.Tsai; T.P.Lin; S.K.Huang; D.T.Lee; S.Y.Kuo-
-Verifying Web Applications Using Bounded Model CheckingY.W.Huang; F.Yu; C.Hang; C.H.Tsai; D.T.Lee; S.Y.Kuo-
-Web application security-past; present; future in Computer Security in the 21st CenturyY.W.Huang; D.T.Lee-