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-Genre and Gender Imagination:A Study of the Acceptance of Korean Drama in Taiwan陳雅玲; Ya-Ling Chen
-Participation Motivation, Organizational Commitment, and Job Satisfaction for Soil and Water Conservation VolunteersYa-Ling Chen; Hsun-Chuan Chan; Yan-Ling Wu; Yu-Hui Lin; Yung-Chuan Ko; Kuo-Feng Huang; 陳雅鈴; 詹勳全; 吳延陵; 林侑輝; 柯勇全; 黃國鋒
-以斜坡單元分析山坡地土地可利用限度分類平均坡度之研究-以桃園市龍潭區為例Ya-Ling Chen; 陳雅鈴
-類型及性別想像:論韓劇的在台接受Ya-Ling Chen; 陳雅玲