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-Constant association of ophiostomatoid fungi with the bark beetle Ips subelongatus invading Japanese larch logsYamaoka, Y.; 鍾文鑫; Chung, W.H.; Masuya, H.; Hizai, M.-
-First report of plumeria rust disease caused by Coleosporium plumeriae in TaiwanChung, W.H.; 鍾文鑫; Abe, J.P.; Yamaoka, Y.; Haung, J.W.; Kakishima, M.-
-Ophiostoma breviusculum sp nov (Ophiostomatales, Ascomycota) is a new species in the Ophiostoma piceae complex associated with bark beetles infesting larch in JapanChung, W.H.; 鍾文鑫; Kim, J.J.; Yamaoka, Y.; Uzunovic, A.; Masuya, H.; Breuil, C.-