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-A 1.25-Gb/s burst-mode half-rate clock and data recovery circuit using realigned oscillationYang, C.Y.; 楊清淵; Lin, J.M.-
-A 3.2-GHz down-spread spectrum clock generator using a nested fractional topologyYang, C.Y.; 楊清淵; Chang, C.H.; Wong, W.G.-
-Antigenic diversity of Neisseria meningitidis isolated in Taiwan between 1995 and 2002Yang, C.Y.; 楊秋英; Lee, Y.S.; Huang, L.S.; Kuo, Y.L.; Liu, Y.L.; Lu, C.H.-
-Biochemical characterizations of Escherichia coli-expressed protective antigen Ag473 of Neisseria meningitides group BSung, J.W.C.; 楊秋英; Hsieh, S.Y.; Lin, C.L.; Leng, C.H.; Liu, S.J.; Chou, A.H.; Lai, L.W.; Lin, L.H.; Kwok, Y.; Yang, C.Y.; Chong, P.-
-A CMOS clock and data recovery circuit with a half-rate three-state phase detectorYang, C.Y.; 楊清淵; Lee, Y.; Lee, C.H.-
-Crystal structure of RecX: A potent regulatory protein of RecA from Xanthomonas campestrisYang, C.Y.; 周三和; Chin, K.H.; Yang, M.T.; Wang, A.H.J.; Chou, S.H.; 楊明德-
-A Delta-Sigma PLL-Based Spread-Spectrum Clock Generator With a Ditherless Fractional TopologyYang, C.Y.; 楊清淵; Chang, C.H.; Wong, W.G.-
-A desiccation-induced transcript in lily (Lilium longiflorum) pollenKo, C.W.; 王國祥; Yang, C.Y.; Wang, C.S.-
-Enhanced formation and morphological stability of low-resistivity CoSi2 nanodot arrays on epitaxial Si0.7Ge0.3 virtual substrateCheng, S.L.; Yang, C.Y.; Lee, S.W.; Hsu, H.F.; Chen, H.-
-Enterotoxigenicity and cytotoxicity of Bacillus thuringiensis strains and development of a process for Cry1Ac productionYang, C.Y.; Pang, J.C.; Kao, S.S.; Tsen, H.Y.-
-Expression and regulation of two novel anther-specific genes in Lilium longiflorumTzeng, J.D.; 王國祥; Hsu, S.W.; Chung, M.C.; Yeh, F.L.; Yang, C.Y.; Liu, M.C.; Hsu, Y.F.; Wang, C.S.-
-Expression of the porcine circovirus type 2 capsid protein subunits and application to an indirect ELISAWu, P.C.; 黃千衿; Chien, M.S.; Tseng, Y.Y.; Lin, J.; Lin, W.L.; Yang, C.Y.; Huang, C.; 簡茂盛-
-Expression of the sperm fibrous sheath protein CABYR in human cancers and identification of alpha-enolase as an interacting partner of CABYR-aTseng, Y.T.; 楊秋英; Hsia, J.Y.; Chen, C.Y.; Lin, N.T.; Chong, P.C.S.; Yang, C.Y.-
-A fast-locking agile frequency synthesizer for MIMO dual-mode WiFi/WiMAX applicationsTsai, M.T.; 楊清淵; Yang, C.Y.-
-Fermentation of rice hull by Aspergillus japonicus under ultrasonic pretreatmentYang, C.Y.; 方 繼; Sheih, I.C.; Fang, T.J.-
-Flexibility planning for managing R&D projects under riskWang, J.T.; Yang, C.Y.-
-Gene expression profile predicts patient survival of gastric cancer after surgical resectionChen, C.N.; 陳健尉; Lin, J.J.; Chen, J.J.W.; Lee, P.H.; Yang, C.Y.; Kuo, M.L.; Chang, K.J.; Hsieh, F.J.-
-A high-frequency CMOS multi-modulus divider for PLL frequency synthesizersYang, C.Y.; 楊清淵-
-High-frequency low-noise voltage-controlled LC-tank oscillators using a tunable inductor techniqueYang, C.Y.; 楊清淵; Tsai, M.T.-
-Identification of Bacillus spp., Escherichia coli, Salmonella spp., Staphylococcus spp. and Vibrio spp. with 16S ribosomal DNA-based oligonucleotide array hybridizationChiang, Y.C.; Yang, C.Y.; Li, C.; Ho, Y.C.; Lin, C.K.; Tsen, H.Y.-