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-A genetic approach to the automatic clustering problemTseng, L.Y.; 曾怜玉; Yang, S.B.-
-A genetic clustering algorithm for data with non-spherical-shape clustersTseng, L.Y.; 曾怜玉; Yang, S.B.-
-Smooth side-match and smooth overlap-match vector quantizers for image codingYang, S.B.; 曾怜玉; Tseng, L.Y.-
-Smooth side-match classified vector quantizer with variable block sizeYang, S.B.; 曾怜玉; Tseng, L.Y.-
-A straightforward route to the asymmetric synthesis of 3,4-diepipolyoxamic acid and its isomersLi, S.; 陸大榮; Hui, X.P.; Yang, S.B.; Jia, Z.J.; Xu, P.F.; Lu, T.J.-