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-Detection of Aluminum Chlorohydrate Content in Antiperspirant Deodorants Using Screen-Printed Silver Electrodes by One Drop AnalysisZen, J.M.; 曾志明; Yang, T.H.; Kumar, A.S.; Chen, Y.J.; Hsu, J.C.; Shih, Y.-
-Effect of thinning on the ring characteristics of Japanese cedar plantation treesLin, F.C.; Chung, C.H.; Zeng, J.L.; Yang, T.H.; Wang, S.Y.; Lin, C.J.-
-Effects of adding organo-clays for acrylic-based intumescent coating on fire-retardancy of painted thin plywoodChuang, C.S.; Tsai, K.C.; Yang, T.H.; Ko, C.H.; Wang, M.K.-
-Effects of layered structure on the physical and mechanical properties of laminated moso bamboo (Phyllosachys edulis) flooringLee, C.H.; Chung, M.J.; Lin, C.H.; Yang, T.H.-
-An electrochemically preanodized screen-printed carbon electrode for achieving direct electron transfer to glucose oxidaseYang, T.H.; 曾志明; Hung, C.L.; Ke, J.H.; Zen, J.M.-
-Exposure of calf thymus DNA to autoxidized beta-carotene results in the formation of 8-oxo-deoxyguanosineYeh, S.L.; 胡淼琳; Yang, T.H.; Huang, C.H.; Hu, M.L.-
-Intracellular levels of S-adenosylhomocysteine but not homocysteine are highly correlated to the expression of nm23-H1 and the level of 5-methyldeoxycytidine in human hepatoma cells with different invasion activitiesYang, T.H.; 胡淼琳; Hu, M.L.-
-Nafion/lead oxide-manganese oxide combined catalyst for use as a highly efficient alkaline air electrode in zinc-air batteryYang, T.H.; Venkatesan, S.; Lien, C.H.; Chang, J.L.; Zen, J.M.-
-Optimized material composition to improve the physical and mechanical properties of extruded wood-plastic composites (WPCs)Leu, S.Y.; Yang, T.H.; Lo, S.F.-
-Profiling clinically important metabolites in human urine by an electrochemical system containing disposable electrodesHsu, C.T.; 曾志明; Lyuu, H.; Yang, T.H.; Conte, E.D.; Zen, J.M.-
-S-adenosylhomocysteine enhances hydrogen peroxide-induced DNA damage by inhibition of DNA repair in two cell linesYang, T.H.; 胡淼琳; Yang, N.C.; Hu, M.L.-
-A Simple Electrochemical Approach Based on Inexpensive Wall-Jet Screen-Printed Ring Disk Electrode to Evaluate Oxygen Reduction CatalystsYang, T.H.; 曾志明; Liao, C.Y.; Chang, J.L.; Lien, C.H.; Zen, J.M.-
-Synergistic effects of S-adenosylhomocysteine and homocysteine on DNA damage in a murine microglial cell lineLin, P.Y.; 胡淼琳; Yang, T.H.; Lin, H.G.; Hu, M.L.-
-Various forms of homocysteine and oxidative status in the plasma of ischemic-stroke patients as compared to healthy controlsYang, T.H.; 胡淼琳; Chang, C.Y.; Hu, M.L.-