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-Calcium Release and Development of Heat-Shocked Porcine Oocytes after Nucleus-Ooplasm ReconstructionTseng, J.K.; 朱志成; Liu, H.K.; Lin, T.A.; Yang, C.R.; Yang, X.Z.; Ju, J.C.-
-Calcium release and development of heat-shocked porcine oocytes after nucleus-ooplasmic reconstructionTseng, J.K.; 朱志成; Ju, J.C.; Yang, X.Z.-
-Heat shock reduces developmental competence and alters spindle configuration of bovine oocytesJu, J.C.; 朱志成; Jiang, S.; Tseng, J.K.; Parks, J.E.; Yang, X.Z.-
-Reversibility in the cytoskeleton and development of pig oocytes treated with roscovitineJu, J.C.; Tsay, C.; Ruan, C.W.; Yang, X.Z.-