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-Enhanced adhesion and thermal stability of Al/Cr film on indium-tin-oxide (ITO)-coated glassHsieh, J.H.; 吳宗明; Wu, T.M.; Tong, J.Z.; Yang, Y.S.-
-Experimental treatment of bilateral fetal chylothorax using in-utero pleurodesisYang, Y.S.; Ma, G.C.; Shih, J.C.; Chen, C.P.; Chou, C.H.; Yeh, K.T.; Kuo, S.J.; Chen, T.H.; Hwu, W.L.; Lee, T.H.; Chen, M.-
-Interactions between nonionic Triton X surfactants and cholesterol-containing phosphatidylcholine liposomesChern, C.S.; 邱信程; Chiu, H.C.; Yang, Y.S.-
-Simultaneous quantification of flavonoids and triterpenoids in licorice using HPLCWang, Y.C.; 王苑春; Yang, Y.S.-