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-Cicada-Wing-Inspired Self-Cleaning Antireflection Coatings on Polymer SubstratesChen, Ying-Chu; Huang, Zhe-Sheng; Yang, Hongta-
-Magnetically controllable Pickering emulsion prepared by a reduced graphene oxide-iron oxide compositeLin, Kun-Yi Andrew; Yang, Hongta; Petit, Camille; Lee, Wei-der-
-Octopus-Inspired Assembly of Nanosucker Arrays for Dry/Wet AdhesionChen, Ying-Chu; Yang, Hongta; 楊宏達
-Removal of oil droplets from water using carbonized rice husk: enhancement by surface modification using polyethylenimineLin, Kun-Yi Andrew; Yang, Hongta; Petit, Camille; Chen, Shen-Yi-
-Removing oil droplets from water using a copper-based metal organic frameworksLin, Kun-Yi Andrew; Yang, Hongta; Petit, Camille; Hsu, Fu-Kong-
-Reusable macroporous photonic crystal-based ethanol vapor detectors by doctor blade coatingKo, Ya-Ling; Tsai, Hui-Ping; Lin, Kun-Yi; Chen, Ying-Chu; Yang, Hongta
-Self-Assembled Curved Macroporous Photonic Crystal-Based Surfactant DetectorsChiu, Chien-Fu; Tsai, Hui-Ping; Chen, Ying-Chu; He, Yi-Xuan; Lin, Kun-Yi Andrew; Yang, Hongta; 楊宏達
-Self-assembled hemispherical nanowell arrays for superhydrophobic antireflection coatingsLin, Cheng-Yen; Lin, Kun-Yi Andrew; Yang, Ting-Wei; Chen, Ying-Chu; Yang, Hongta
-Self-Assembled Hierarchical Arrays for Colored Retroreflective CoatingsTsao, Kuan-Yi; Tsai, Hui-Ping; Lin, Kun-Yi Andrew; He, Yi-Xuan; Yang, Hongta; 楊宏達
-Superhydrophobic anti-ultraviolet films by doctor blade coatingCai, Chang-Yun; Lin, Kun-Yi Andrew; Yang, Hongta
-Visual and reversible carbon dioxide sensing enabled by doctor blade coated macroporous photonic crystalsLin, Yi-Han; Suen, Shing-Yi; Yang, Hongta