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-Characterization of floating activity of indigenous diesel-assimilating bacterial isolatesLin, T.C.; 楊秋忠; Young, C.C.; Ho, M.J.; Yeh, M.S.; Chou, C.L.; Wei, Y.H.; Chang, J.S.-
-Identification and kinetic characteristics of an indigenous diesel-degrading Gordonia alkanivorans strainYoung, C.C.; 楊秋忠; Lin, T.C.; Yeh, M.S.; Shen, F.T.; Chang, J.S.; 沈佛亭-
-In vitro micropropagation and ex vitro acclimation of Bupleurum kaoi - An endangered medicinal plant native to TaiwanChen, U.C.; Hsia, C.N.; Yeh, M.S.; Agrawal, D.C.; Tsay, H.S.-
-Micropropagation of Polygonum multiflorum THUNB and quantitative analysis of the anthraquinones emodin and physcion formed in in vitro propagated shoots and plantsLin, L.C.; Nalawade, S.M.; Mulabagal, V.; Yeh, M.S.; Tsay, H.S.-
-Miniaturized variable-focus lens fabrication using liquid filling techniqueYang, H.; 楊錫杭; Yang, C.Y.; Yeh, M.S.-
-New fabrication method for micro-pyramidal vertical probe array for probe cardsLin, T.H.; 楊錫杭; Yang, H.H.; Chao, C.K.; Yeh, M.S.-
-Two-dimensional simulations of ion concentration distribution in microstructural electroformingTsai, T.H.; 楊錫杭; Yang, H.; Chein, R.; Yeh, M.S.; 簡瑞與-
-Using ITS2 PCR-RFLP to generate molecular markers for authentication of Sophora flavescens AitLin, T.C.; Yeh, M.S.; Cheng, Y.M.; Lin, L.C.; Sung, J.M.-