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-Application of Back-propagation Neural Network to Formulate Exercise Prescription for Taiwanese College StudentsChing-Hua Chiu; Meng-Hsiun Tsai; Yung-Kuan Chan; Shih-Pei Chang; Yi-Wen Hung; Tzu-Lin Wong
-Factors associated with tissue repairing: focusing on therapeutic strategiesYi-Wen Hung; 洪義文
-Reciprocal modulation of C/EBP-α and C/EBP-β by IL-13in activated microglia prevents neuronal death-
-Retina image–based optic disc segmentationChing-Lin Wang; Ming-Yuan Hsieh; Yi-Wen Hung; Meng-Hsiun Tsai; Mao-Hsiang Chan; Jui-Ming Chen; Kwong-Chung Tung