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-Construction of Chromosomally Located T7 Expression System for Production of Heterologous Secreted Proteins in Bacillus subtilisChen, P.T.; 蕭介夫; Shaw, J.F.; Chao, Y.P.; Ho, T.H.D.; Yu, S.M.-
-Interaction between rice MYBGA and the gibberellin response element controls tissue-specific sugar sensitivity of alpha-amylase genesChen, P.W.; Chiang, C.M.; Tseng, T.H.; Yu, S.M.-
-A Novel Class of Gibberellin 2-Oxidases Control Semidwarfism, Tillering, and Root Development in RiceLo, S.F.; 陳良築; Yang, S.Y.; Chen, K.T.; Hsing, Y.L.; Zeevaart, J.A.D.; Chen, L.J.; Yu, S.M.-
-Serotonin accumulation in transgenic rice by over-expressing tryptophan decarboxlyase results in a dark brown phenotype and stunted growthKanjanaphachoat, P.; Wei, B.Y.; Lo, S.F.; Wang, I.W.; Wang, C.S.; Yu, S.M.; Yen, M.L.; Chiu, S.H.; Lai, C.C.; Chen, L.J.-
-T-DNA activation tagging as a tool to isolate Salvia miltiorrhiza transgenic lines for higher yields of tanshinonesLee, C.Y.; 陳健尉; Agrawal, D.C.; Wang, C.S.; Yu, S.M.; Chen, J.J.W.; Tsay, H.S.-