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-The effect of ATP on the folding and function of human uridine phosphorylase 1Yu-Ting Huang; 黃瑜婷
-Nickel substrate covered with a Sn-based protection bi-layer as aphotoanode substrate for dye-sensitized solar cells-
-Self-Exploration of Life Metamorphosis : A Perspective Based on 7- year Development Theory in AnthroposophyYu-Ting Huang; 黃鈺婷
-Surface Metallization of Polyimide as a Photoanode Substratefor Rear-Illuminated Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
-Synergetic effect of Bi2Te3 alloys and electrodeposition of Ni for interfacial reactions at solder/Ni/Bi2Te3 jointsChih-Fan Lin; Nga Yu Hau; Yu-Ting Huang; Ya-Huei Chang; Shien-Ping Feng; 陳志銘; Chih-Ming Chen
-Synthesis of thioesters through copper-catalyzed coupling of aldehydeswith thiols in water
-Transition-Metal-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reaction of Aldehydes with Thiols黃鈺婷; Yu-Ting Huang
-公私立幼兒園國語文教學對小學國語文成績之影響—以台中市某國小一年級為例黃鈺婷; Yu-Ting Huang
-國中生對歷史事件的認知與理解— 以國民中學教科書中的「澶淵之盟」為例Yu-Ting Huang; 黃妤婷
-溶液法製備鈮凝膠應用摻混二氧化鈦作為染料敏化太陽能電池光電極研究黃榆婷; 馮憲平; Yu-Ting Huang; Shien-Ping Feng
-由政策行銷觀點探究南投縣魚池鄉紅茶文化季的發展黃裕婷; Yu-Ting Huang
-附載型氧化鋁/二氧化矽觸媒之製備、結構成份分析及應用黃郁庭; Yu-Ting Huang