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-(Adv Clin Chem., 45:199-223)Pathophysiology of tumor-associated macrophagesYuan A; Chen JJW; Yang PC-
-(Clin. Cancer Res., 09:729-737)Up-regulation of Tumor Interleukin-8 Expression by Infiltrating Macrophages: Its Correlation with Tumor Angiogenesis and Patient Survival in Non-Small Cell Lung CancerChen JJW; Yao PL; Yuan A; Hong TM; Shun CT; Kuo ML; Lee YC; Yang PC
-(Clin. Cancer Res., 11:8070-8078)Transcription Repressor Slug Promotes Carcinoma Invasion and Predicts Outcome of Patients with Lung AdenocarcinomaShih JY; Tsai MF; Chang TH; Chang YL; Yuan A; Yu CJ; Lin SB; Liou GY; Lee ML; Chen JJW; Hong TM; Yang SC; Su JL; Lee YC; Yang PC
-(Front. Biosci., 10:853-865)The Role of Interleukin-8 in Cancer Cells and Microenvironment InteractionYuan A; Chen JJW; Yao PL; Yang PC
-Identification of differentially expressed miRNAs in lung cancer cell with 4 VEGF isoforms overexpressionYuan A; Cheng H; Chen Y; Wan P; Chen JJW; Yu S; Wang C; Yang P-
-(J. Clin. Oncol., 23(5):953-964)Tumor-Associated Macrophages: The Double Edge Sword in Cancer ProgressionChen JJW; Lin YC; Yao PL; Yuan A; Chen HY; Shun CT; Tsai MF; Chen CH; Yang PC
-(New England Journal of Medicine, 356(1):011-020)A Five-Gene Signature and Clinical Outcome in Non-Small-Cell Lung CancerChen HY; Yu SL; Chen CH; Chang GC; Chen CY; Yuan A; Cheng CL; Wang CH; Terng HJ; Kao SF; Chan WK; Li HN; Liu CC; Singh S; Chen WJ; Chen JJW; Yang PC