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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-(Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 46:430-433)New Technique for Fabrication of Individual Carbon-Nanotube Field EmittersMing-Way Lee; Yu-Shen Chen; Wei-Ciao Lai; Yuen-Wuu Suen; Jong-Ching Wu
-(Nanotechnology, 18:075403)Mobility asymmetry in InGaAs/InAlAs hetrostructures with InAs quantum wiresZhi-Chang Lin; Wen-Hsing Hsieh; Chien-Ping Lee; Yuen-Wuu Suen
-Nonlinearity of microwave-induced photovoltage and photocurrent of two-dimensional electron systems and mesoscopic structures.張哲瑋; Chang, Che-Wei-
-Scattering lifetime and phonon emission of two dimensional electron systems at low temperature謝文興; Hsieh, Ween-Hsing-
-Set up a Low-Temperature Pulsed High-Frequency Surface-Acoustic-Wave Detecting System張冠英; Chang, Kua-Ying-
-Solid-state devices for quantum information amplification and detection劉少勳; Liou, Saxon-
-Study of low-frequency noise property of magnetic-tunnel-junction field sensorsYi-Shiou Liu; 劉亦修
-The Study of Structural Phase Transitions Mechanism from Würtzite and Zincblende to Rocksalt Structure under High PressureYu-Ker Chern; 陳余各
-Study of the electron mobility and simulation of novel devices of strained silicon-based materials廖淑慧; Liao, Shu-Hui-
-Using a MoS2 field effect transistor as an Ozone SensorChing-Hoa Yang; 楊景皓
-二維電子中反量子線之高頻磁傳輸特性陳君豪; Chen, Chun-Hao-
-二銻化鉬與二硫化錫異質結構場效電晶體之掃描光電流顯微術分析林宗緯; Tsung-Wei Lin
-具聚乙烯苯酚絕緣層非晶銦鎵鋅氧薄膜電晶體之低頻雜訊特性楊育森; Yang, Yu-Sen-
-利用微波共振器的即時高通量粒子感測蔡宗存; Tsai, Tzung-Tsuen
-利用掃描式近場光學顯微鏡研究GaN薄膜缺陷及Ge薄膜結構Chung, Chia-Tsung; 莊佳璁-
-利用掃描式近場光學顯微鏡研究藍光LED表面發光分佈陳少章; Chen, Shau-Jhang-
-利用掃瞄式光電流顯微技術研究二銻化鉬薄膜及二銻化鉬與二錫化硫異質結構電晶體元件空乏區之橫向電場分佈李國誌; Kuo-Chih Lee
-利用變溫霍爾效應量測鍺錫合金的傳輸特性蘇稜皓; Su, Leng-Hao-
-單根螺旋碳奈米線金屬接觸電極之雷射熱退火研究王麗媛; Wang, Li -Yuan-
-有量子井摻雜之雙位障共振穿隧二極體之磁穿隧特性Chang, Jia-Ren; 張嘉仁-